Those tuning into MLB for the World Series will enjoy two innovative teams from two historic franchises. Those of us who have watched MLB all season and want to profit on the Fall Classic, there are two different looks at this World Series matchup. Choose wisely.

Boston Red Sox -155to win 2018 World Series

The Red Sox were baseball’s overall best team from start to finish. The American League was loaded with deep clubs. I liken it to when in the 90s the Cowboys and 49ers would battle for the NFC Championship and the winner would destroy the AFC team in the Super Bowl. The AL, in theory, should destroy the weaker opponent. Take all other factors out and invest in the superior league champion.

New school: The Red Sox strategy of deploying a wicked OF has made them unique. Essentially, the Sox have three center fielders, one will be the AL MVP. In the infield they have confident and slick fielders. Their defense is high octane and so are the bats. Having arguably their best players in the OF while the infield is free to shift makes the Red Sox defense new age.

The Red Sox only lost two playoff games and took out AL power houses Houston and New York.

Los Angeles Dodgers +140 to win 2018 World Series

The last year the Dodgers won the World Series was 1988, when they defeated the heavily favored Oakland Athletics in David vs. Goliath fashion. Do you see any resemblance for the 2018 Dodgers taking on the the favored Red Sox?

The Dodgers pack an Ace and an eventual Ace. Clayton Kershaw is still one of the best on the bump. Is he what he once was? No. Can he still dominate a series? Absolutely. Meanwhile, Walker Buehler is playing with house money and is pitching confidently after taking out the Brewers on the road.

A team of Dudes: In California, baseball is played at the highest level and year-round, similar to football in Texas and Florida. You hear the terminology: That team is full of dudes. That equates to a balanced team with many contributors both offensively and defensively. The Dodgers have dudes; free swingers and studs on defense. The Dodgers also pack a lineup that can match the Red Sox better than experts may think. When Puig is your No. 7 hitter, you got Dudes.


You can make a case for both squads. Pick a side and watching the World Series will be so much more entertaining. Good luck, players!