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Tonight’s Game – Vikings & Rams 9/27 

Take the Over 48.5

With several inconsistencies surrounding early NFL action, one thing we can count on more often than not is offense. With Peters and Talib it was easy for the Rams and Wade Phillips to play aggressive defense. With them both missing tonight (potentially) it will be a different animal. The Vikes missing Emerson Griffin also changes their defensive approach. I’m in LA writing this and it’s a warm afternoon and conducive to a fast track tonight. The fact RB Dalvin Cook is playing for the Vikes helps open up their play calling and Cousins loves the Cook check down option. Watching the replay of Rams and Chargers last week, I don’t see any reason the Vikes can’t also put up 20 plus and I’m confident the Rams will as well. That game went for 58 and I expect something similar tonight.

Take the Over 48.5