As we have pointed out here at Vegas Whispers on many, many occasions there needs to be an Integrity arm to Sports Betting and we need it now. It can’t be a small company, it needs to be a big exhaustive legislative arm that has far reaching contacts in all areas in all states that offer legalized betting.

“With some of the calls seen in the NFL Championship games & now THIS…an integrity oversight governing body is surely needed for all sports. Looking into both the players and the officials and the effects of calls/plays by either aforementioned and the overall impact into the outcome versus the number in sports books. Needs to be looked at from both ends: if the books profited from calls made by officials and if books got crushed by an individual athlete’s actions. It needs to be a huge body and it will be a huge task but it will need to take place for the legitimacy of national sports betting” (Vegas Whispers Managing Partner/Editor).

As we are all well aware by now of the issues in the NFL Championship games regarding calls/non-calls, now we have this fiasco last night in NCAA basketball. Let’s review:

Iowa State was on the road versus Oklahoma on Big Monday on ESPN on National TV as 3-point favorites with the over/under total offered at 147. The Cyclones were a popular bet here in Vegas getting nearly all of the money.

Iowa State trailed 36-35 at halftime and the line for the second half spread was Iowa State -3–meaning Iowa St was now -2 for the game for all Cyclone backers.

With 3.5 seconds remaining in the game & Iowa State up 2 points….they went to the free throw line and buried both putting the score at 75-71–making the second half score 40-35 Iowa State. That score had all Cyclone backers both full-game AND second-half AND those who played Under the posted total of 147 poised to return to the betting windows about to cash.

Hold on.

OU’s Jamal Bieniemy takes the ball off the inbounds pass and drills a 3-pointer at the buzzer serving up a final score of 75-74 Iowa State. Really? Should it be? (Check photo above!) The ball is still in his hands with backboard clearly lit up in red lighting!

The Shot, which replays CLEARLY show NEVER should have counted CHANGES everything!  The Sooners’ 3-point buzzer beater was insanely called ‘good’ on the floor, never reviewed and caused havoc swinging both the spread for the full-game (-4 to -1) & 2nd Half (-5 to -2) now in OU’s favor AND the total to the OVER (from 146 to 149)

Say What!!!!??? Are you kidding me?? He NEVER got the shot off in time & if this isn’t a reason why we NEED a legit integrity oversight for the world of sports betting then there never will be!