Right now there is a sports betting wager that is quietly crushing sportsbooks in Las Vegas & has book-makers concerned. Any time book makers are scrambling and using the words ‘adjustments’ and/or pondering taking a wager ‘down/off the board’ you know as a sports bettor you bettor stop and take notice. Well its time to divulge the secret here for our members….

Well enough with the suspense. The sports betting wager that has sports books concerned is the OVER 1.5 Total Goals in NHL wagering. Lets us explain. As we know in every sport– bookmakers post lines depending on match-ups and in an attempt to get action from patrons equally on both sides so the house can rake the ‘juice with minimum risk.  Well in this specific type of wager bettors and books know if they have won or lost their wager within 20 minutes of game-time. Within this wager we see something that ‘never’ happens–a stale industry line of 1.5 on ‘every’ NHL game. That’s right, the same handicap number night in and night out on every game regardless of the teams playing.

Now you must saying, ok well so what? Well let us show you some of the numbers:


CHICAGO 39-10 (79.5%)

TAMPA BAY 38-10 (79%)

COLUMBUS 32-14 (69.5%)

SAN JOSE 33-15 (68.7%)

PITTSBURGH 29-17 (63%)

OTTAWA 28-18 (60.9)

MINNESOTA 27-18 (60%)

As VIP members know last night the sharps were all over ‘Parlaying’ the top two teams crushing this wager (Chicago & Tampa Bay) OVER 1.5 in NY Rangers v CHI Blackhawks & the OVER 1.5 in TB Lightning v TOR Maple Leafs.

In the NYR/CHI game the game was 1-1 and went over the total at the 13:20 mark (finished with three goals) with over six minutes to spare:

In the TB/TOR game the game was knotted at one apiece and went over the total at the 11:48 mark with over eight minutes to spare:

The parlay was an an easy winner and within drinking a few beers bettors knew that they had won their bets and with relative ease! These bets are not only winning—but many of them are winning in less than five minutes of game action. And if we look even further we see that those two teams after last night are now 44-5 (88%) to the OVER in the First Period in last 50 combined. So a wager on two teams thats winning nine out of every ten times, really?! You know books don’t like seeing those kind of numbers. In an attempt to counter this– books here in Vegas and globally have now begun to ‘juice the number on the OVER through the roof instead of moving the number to two goals. In last nights games the NYR/CHI game closed at -170 to the OVER at most books and the TB/TOR game closed at -215 to the OVER. Books are doing everything they can to deter bettors from placing wagers on this hidden, secondary betting market that many people are not even aware of.  Well, here at Vegas Whispers we pride ourselves on making our members aware of the best ways the sharps are taking advantage of sports book posted numbers.